prides itself in being “the first and only youth site for Filipino teens, by Filipino teens.” It aims to be “informing, educating, entertaining.”

The site has a number of posts about various subjects ranging from tips on schooling to the posters’ thoughts on life to DotA. The quality of the site’s articles vary. One thing that they all have in common is their tendency to be written in the first person point of view, like most writings by teenagers. That form of writing is quite effective for teenagers, so it’s all good. The grammar of some posts still need improving, though.

The site’s posts are relevant to teenagers and to the citizens of Davao, home of the site’s community. This seems limited for now, but the site’s scope could widen with more members.

The site has a small but dedicated community manning it, and in time and with a little more effort it can grow bigger. It is also pretty easy to find the site, especially if one looks from Google. All in all, this is a pretty promising site with the potential of becoming the center of a large and thriving community for Filipino teens, by Filipino teens.