The life of a 3rd year student studying in the journalism department of the University of the Philippines’ College of Mass Communication is not an easy one. At this time, it is expected that one would have completed all his general education subjects and could now take on electives related to his course, which of course require more time and effort to pass. And if a student did not do too well in his earlier subjects and has to take more, he would be busier, and his life would be harder than usual.

This is the dilemma of Mr. Adrian Herico, an old acquaintance of mine. He has served me well as an asset in most academic matters, but our different schedules hinder that from happening this semester (more work for me, unfortunately). Still, to be able to contact a fellow shiftee to the college – an old companion at that – after a fruitless search for potential interviewees is very welcome, especially if it may help with a writing exercise.

Since he is a shiftee to the college, Mr. Herico has to take more subjects than usual if he wants to graduate on time. Because of this, he had to take an advertising class from 9 am to 1 pm every Saturday, a day which he onced used to rest and to finish his requirements.

Because Mr. Herico’s Saturdays are dedicated to going to class, he cannot do other things he usually does during Saturdays like his work for his family’s business, visiting his mother and siblings over in Laguna or finishing that sound file he has to do for a broadcasting subject. Since he has part-time work and other such things to worry about, he is busier than the normal college student. However, he cannot use his Saturdays to finish what he needs to do.

The determined student does not give up though, still carrying on and hoping that he can pull off a miracle and graduate in the near future so he can continue to support his family.